THE Library

We started off our summer with an incredibly busy day.  It wasn’t intended to be that way, but I forgot that’s what you get when you try to drag four children around town to do errands.

We started off by going to the brand new library down the street.  This place is HUGE!  I was really quite surprised and was immediately excited by the idea of coming here on a weekly basis for reading groups.

Signed the kids up for their summer reading programs and hunted down a million different books for them to read.  I’m starting Emma on chapter books, mainly Junie B. Jones and Magic Treehouse.  Benjamin started his first grade year off by reading those books and I want to give her a head start if I can.  Benjamin has a list of books that we need to get through by the end of August.  They’re mostly Judy Bloom books like Freckle Juice (loved that one when I was a kid), Superfudge, Fudge-a-maia, Double Fudge, etc.  He wants to read more of the Magic Treehouse books which I think will be great because he can then start doing “book reports”.  Each of those books has a theme like China, the Civil War, the Titanic and a million other historical events.  I think I’m going to have him write a one page report about the underlying theme of that book when he’s done reading it.  We’ll see if we can work up to two pages by the end of the summer.

With great books in hand we made our way out to the car but we were stopped by a room full of recycled materials that were all done up as different art pieces.  The kids loved walking around and getting inspired to come home and make some fun artwork of their own!  I guess they change out the art pieces every couple of weeks so this will be something to watch out for in the weeks to come!


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