10 YEARS!!!

Wow, time sure does fly!  I’m amazed that it has been ten years already.  I guess when I really look at everything it should actually be the other way around.  I should be feeling like more time should have gone by.

We lived in Vegas for the first month of our marriage, moved to Malibu, CA where he went to law school, moved to London, England where he interned and I worked, we had our first child five days after he finished classes, moved back to Vegas three days after our first child was born, I stayed home while he worked for Judge Cory for a year, welcomed our second child 18 months after the first, moved cross-country to Lancaster, PA five weeks after our second child was born, lived in a 100-year-old home while he worked construction defect law, welcomed our third baby 14 months after our second, he was let go from his job 8 days after our third child was born, he worked three jobs and commuted back and forth from Washington DC each weekend (living in his car for some of that), were finally blessed with a job opportunity back in Las Vegas, he and our second child moved to Vegas while I and the other two stayed in PA to sell the house, that lasted two months until I wasn’t strong enough to be without them, drove cross-country when our third child was five months old with nothing more than a box of toys and as many clothes as we could pack in our suitcases, lived with his family for 18 months while trying to sell our home back east, finally sold our house and found a beautiful fixer-upper 🙂 , still working at the new firm, found out I was pregnant with number four a month after moving in, baby number four came seven weeks early, first child started school, found out baby number four needed therapy, second child started school, baby diagnosed with muscle disorder, still working at the firm… and the only constant thing through all of that was that we were madly in love with each other!

When you get married all kinds of people tell you all kinds of things and give you all sorts of advice.  But the one thing that no one ever told me was that I would never love my husband as much as I did on our wedding day because I don’t!  Somehow, I love him infinitely more today than I did ten years ago when I thought I was giving him all my love and affection.  And probably ten years from now I’ll be reading this and think how silly I was because I will be infinitely more in love with him than I am today.  I think a great deal of that has to do with his amazing faith!  He is truly one of the best men that I have ever known and I only hope to raise our boys to be the type of man that he is so that they can bless the lives of their wives and children just as he has blessed ours!

And so, on this very special day, I thank my Heavenly Father for loving me enough to direct me onto the path that this man was walking and that he was able to find something in me that was worth cherishing!


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  1. Joan Combs

    You write beautiful stuff!!! I’m proud of the two of you.. You are great together and individually totallly awesome.. You need to frame this and give it to all family members.. Congratulations!! This has made me look back and see where I was in my life for our tenth year anniversary.. Life is a beautiful gift and how we choose to live it is our gift to our children and our Heavenly Father.. I’m so glad that you’re a part of my posterity!! Much Love and many kisses!!! g’ma Combs

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