Anderson Dairy Field Trip

Today we took a little field trip to the local dairy.  Since we used to go to the dairy once a week when we lived in Pennsylvania the kids were a little disappointed with the Vegas version of a dairy.  The kids were expecting actual cows to be present and that wasn’t the case.

As I was trying to get a picture of the kids together in front of the building I had to keep telling Joseph that the cows in the background weren’t real.  He kept calling to them over and over, “Here cow!”

Inside the tour there was a special cow named Calcy Yumm that narrated the tour.  Jacob was both thrilled and petrified of this mechanical cow.  As long as it was far enough away from her he was enthralled by her, but get too close and … well he wouldn’t actually let you get that close.  I had Benjamin hold Jacob’s hand and slowly walk backward so that I could get a picture of all four of them together.  Jacob flipped out shortly after this shot!

It was actually a very nice tour and I learned a lot.  I made it a requirement for the kids to learn at least one thing from the tour that they could go home and tell daddy about.  Benjamin and Emma were the only two that understood that while Joseph’s answer was “They even make ice cream!”  I guess if you didn’t know that ice cream came from milk and thereby came from cows that would be a legitimate fact.  Leave it to him to bring everything back around to food that he has eaten!  But that is true, at the very end of the tour they passed out little bowls of ice cream to each of the kids.  What a fun afternoon!



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