Our Father

I might embarrass Jared more by talking about him after our anniversary post 🙂 .  But I couldn’t let today go by without mentioning what a wonderful father he is.

We were able to give our daddy a special day to remember.  Since Jared leaves at 6:30 for church meetings I had to get the kids up early enough for them to make him breakfast.  We sort of cheated because we ended up giving him a bowl of cereal, but that’s what made it so special.  When we were at the store the other day Benjamin found this bowl and thought that dad would love it for his cereal bowl.  At first I thought that was ludicrous, but the more I thought about it the more I thought that Jared would get a good kick out of it.  So we grabbed the bowl and had Joseph pick out a box of cereal that he thought Jared would like.  Coco Puffs was the cereal of choice, but as I was dishing it up I ran out of cereal before we were half way through filling the bowl.  That just wouldn’t do so I added a bit of Rice Crispi’s at the bottom as a filler!  The kids were all giggling when we served him his breakfast and laughed openly at his face when he saw what they were giving him.  He was such a good sport and ate almost the entire bowl because that’s the kind of father he is!

 He would give up anything, has given up loads, for his children to have more.  But isn’t that what a parent is supposed to do?  I think that what makes him so special is that he does it wholeheartedly and with a smile.  He never makes his children feel like they’re inconveniencing him, even when they aren’t the best at timing!  He’s gentle yet firm, goofy but sensitive, smart and spiritual!

Happy Father’s Day!  We love you!!! XOXO






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