Updating REEL and Feeding assessments

So Myrna made it over this afternoon to evaluate Jacob and his communication.  I was looking through his past assessments and was surprised how much he had grown from when he first started speech until his first assessment six months later.  When he first he was 18 months old and ended up scoring a 47% delay on his receptive communication (equal to a 9 month old) and a 65% delay on his expressive communication (equal to a 6 month old).  Six months later at two years of age he was scoring a 25% delay in his receptive (equal to an 18 month old) and a 45% delay in his expressive (equal to an 11-18 month old).

I’m looking forward to seeing how far he’s come especially since he’s starting to say so many new words.  I’m a bit nervous though because when it comes down to it, they can’t count the partial words and signs that he does as speech.  Since most of what he says is partial I’m a bit nervous that he might not have come that far on his scoring.  We’ll see in a couple of weeks.


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