FHE in California

So I thought it would be fun to take advantage of going to State Line since all the games and rides are free to Nevada residence, but only until the end of the month.  We haven’t been over there since before we moved to Pennsylvania, so a good six years.  It brought back a lot of memories from when Jared worked there and from when I was younger and I would go there with my family and friends.  It was kind of exciting, the idea of sharing something like this with my kids.

When we first got there I have to say that my enthusiasm shrank quite a bit just because of what the economy has done to the place.  I think it’s a miracle that it’s still open!  Things just weren’t as clean and pristine as they used to be.  I remember how it used to be such a family place (if you can really call a casino that) but you could tell that the things that had nothing to do with the gaming had been neglected.  It made me a little sad.

As we were getting closer to the rides there was a little bridge that you had to cross where the log ride floated by underneath.  I showed the kids and they waved to the people going by.  I then made the horrible mistake of saying, “Doesn’t that look like so much fun!  We’re going to do that!” to which my daughter immediately started freaking out!  She practically ran over Jacob in her retreat to get as far away from that bridge as possible.  I had to physically pick her up and cradle her in my arms to stop her heart from racing.  That was a reaction I hadn’t planned on.

As we neared the rides we ran into Michael and Amy who had just been on the Turbo Drop and Desperado.  It suddenly occurred to me that Benjamin was tall enough to go on the rollercoaster.  I approached him about it, not going to pressure him into something that like, and was equally surprised and delighted that he said “sure”.  He had a few questions like would he fall out if he put his arms in the air and did he have to go alone?  I wanted him to make absolute sure that he was ready for the big ride so I had him go on some of the smaller rides first to see just how ready he was.  If he were to show any type of discomfort in the smaller rides then I’d know that he wasn’t ready even though he said he was.

The Frog Hopper was the first ride that the three older kids got to ride.  Benjamin and Joseph were all for it while Emma was a little hesitant, but once you’re on there’s no going back!

The ride brought the kids up about 20 feet off the ground and then dropped them and repeated that several times, not going quite as high as the time before.  The kids all had very different reactions to the ride.  Benjamin was whopping and hollering even throwing his hands in the air at times, Emma seemed not to mind either way like it was soothing to her, and then there was dear, sweet Joseph who tried so hard to be big and brave but you could see how nervous he was each time they dropped him.  It got to be too much and I yelled up to Benjamin to hold his hand.  That seemed to reassure him until the ride was over.

You can tell from the pictures below how his face changed from excited expectation to that of worry! 🙂  Oh, such a funny little man!  Knowing him and his personality I would have never guessed that he was going to be the one with the thrill issues.  I had always reserved that for Emma.

We went on the log ride, which was fun for the kids because you get wet!!!  We split into two groups with the two older going with Mike and Amy and the two younger going with Jared and I.  Jacob sat on my lap and it was so odd how he almost knew when the drop was coming.  I had to remember what Rebecca told me to do before there was going to be physical stimulation like this.  I had to wrap him in my arms and press him tight, basically a big bear hug.  It did calm him down until we were actually falling.  He didn’t react as bad as he probably would have if I hadn’t stimulated his body.  Just goes to show you that those therapists know what they’re talking about.

We didn’t get to go on the Desperado (rollercoaster) because the rides closed early due to weather issues.  I could tell Benjamin was a little disappointed but I’m sure he was a little relieved about it as well.  With no more rides to go on and still tons of daylight Jared asked the kids if they wanted to walk to California 🙂 .  They looked a little perplexed because I think they associate California with the beach and ocean and they know how far away that is.

Fifteen minutes later we found ourselves dancing in the parking lot just past the California/ Nevada border!  Well, at least the adults were dancing and laughing.  The kids were all convinced that they were starving and dying of thirst, that we’d never find our way home, and they didn’t have anywhere to sleep!  Oh funny, funny children!  At least the pioneer children sang as they walked 😉 !


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