My first paying gig

I don’t know if getting payed for making a cake is the equivalent of a gig but for today’s story we’ll let it be.

I got a call from Jared two weeks ago, asking if I or my friend Katie wanted to make a cake for his receptionist.  Her child is turning one and the person who was going to make her cake was now no longer able to.  I saw a picture of what she wanted and I immediately thought, “There’s no way!” so I forwarded it on to my friend who does amazing work and coached me through Mike and Amy’s wedding cake.  Unfortunately, she’s like 7 months pregnant and didn’t feel up to it.  I was about to tell Jared no when I took a better look at the picture.  The more I looked at it the more I convinced myself that I could do it.  So, I called the girl up and talked to her, negotiated a price, and then was told, “Oh, I know the picture is in fondant but I hate the taste of it so can you make it look like fondant but use frosting?”  You’ve got to be kidding me!!!  Do you know how difficult that is.  Well, if I would have known that little detail I’d like to think that I would have raised the price, but I couldn’t really be picky because this was my first gig!

So, with nothing more than a picture and some strict instructions I set out to create a two-tier cake and a mini baby cake for the little guy to tear into!

My kitchen was a little crazy but it turned out really nice!  The girl came to pick it up at the house and when she rounded the corner into the kitchen where the cake was sitting on the counter she let out a little squeal!  So, I’m hoping that was a good sign!

The only thing that might look a bit odd is that the larger cake is missing a topper.  They bought him a new pair of mini cowboy boots and they were going to set them atop the cake.  So I have the little stars sitting high enough to still be seen over the boots.

Not bad for all frosting work, except for the rope around the edges.  I think little Joseph will love his cake!




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5 responses to “My first paying gig

  1. Kyrina Combs

    They look great! Did u find boots for the big one?

  2. Christina Reeves

    You did such an amazing Job on my sons cake!! Thanks a Bunch!

  3. No, the lady had a pair that she was going to use. So I just left it blank. But I start my fondant and gum paste class next week and I’ll learn how to make all that stuff!!!!

  4. Staci Gertsch

    Wow Bri, it turned out perfect, just like the picture you showed me. When I grow up I want to have your talents:)

  5. Jared Unsell

    That totally counts! Congratulations! Get to scrap booking that event! What am I saying? I’m sure you’ve got it blogged, booked, and journaled, lol.

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