Ordering Orthotics

Went into the orthotist’s office today and had Jacob’s final measurements taken for his braces.

They’re actually ordering two different systems for him to wear, one for during the day and the other for bed time.  The daytime braces will be like a belt with two cables running down each leg.  The cables will twist around his legs and reattached at the foot.

The night brace is commonly referred to as a Dennis Brown splint.  There are two “shoes” that Jacob will wear to bed attached to a metal bar that will stabilize his legs and hips at night.

I’m nervous but also very excited for him to get these next week.  It will be slow going at first just to get his body used to the equipment.  It will start off with one hour a day and increase each day after that.  I’ll have to watch closely to see if there is any breakdown in his skin or the underlying tissue in his legs and hips.  Complicated, but I’m excited about the progress we’ll be making once he has these!


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  1. Jared Unsell

    Bri, it will make all the difference! My brother had braces and now as an adult he walks perfectly, no problems. They refused to put me in braces and I am pigeontoed!

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