Bubble Incentive

So, among all the craziness of trying to get ready for a bunch of people and trying to make a birthday cake, we had occupational therapy!

Today she was doing a lot of body awareness at the beginning of the session.  What she taught me from before was to start with some type of deep pressure (bear hugs, massage, etc).  She chose to have him jump on the balance ball that she would use later with balancing and other exercises.

After a few minutes of jumping and bending, she had Jacob work on the balance disk to encourage his vestibular input (body awareness).  He seemed to be a bit nervous of the movement (very common) so she integrated bubbles to distract him.  Incase you have forgotten, this is the kid that did his very first sign of “more” after learning the sign not five minutes earlier because there were bubbles involved!  I think we’ve found his Achilles heel 🙂 !

Things changed after the exercises were over and Rebecca was writing some notes of today’s session.  Jacob just toppled over while standing next to Miss Rebecca.  It was the oddest thing and got both of our attentions immediately.  As she was packing her things up and Jacob was trying to beat her to the door, he was running straight for the front door but then in mid run started veering off to the right until he hit the wall and fell down.  It was the weirdest thing to watch.  Rebecca and I were a bit worried.  She immediately thought it was some sort of inner ear issue, but was nervous that it something to do with all the new stimulation that she was having me do with him.  She wanted me to stop doing his vestibular tasks until we got clearance from his doctor or the ENT that his ears were fine.


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