Emma Turns 6

It is Miss Emma’s 6th birthday today!  I like celebrating birthday’s on the actual birthday as opposed to days in advance or after the fact.  So, even though it was a Monday evening, we did invite a few friends to come over and celebrate with us.

We had the wonderful Burt family over, Emma’s Primary teachers Brother and Sister Earl, Mike and Amy (although Amy stayed home because she had the flu), our sweet neighbor Sara, and an old missionary that used to serve in our ward.  It was a full house and an even fuller pool.

Emma had asked for a Little Mermaid party but I was a bit lazy.  I sat there and thought of all the wonderful things we could do and play but that all required the girls to dress up or stay cooped inside.  So my thinking was mermaids swim so let’s have a swim party!  Even though that was what she did for the last two birthday parties that she had.  But it didn’t seem to matter at all because I did make her a stunningly beautiful Little Mermaid cake, which sat on display inside the house on the island.


I didn’t have much time to do it in and right as I was getting ready to make the frosting, my microwave blew up!!!  That’s right.  I needed butter softened because it had been in the freezer and it was going to take too much time to thaw on the counter so I put it in a bowl and set it out on the sidewalk to melt a bit 🙂 .  Are you surprised?  It was out there for about 15 minutes before I went back out and grabbed it.  I’m telling you, it is crazy hot out here!


I can’t believe I got them to wear party hats!  But Keith has always been a real trooper.  What a great group of guys to stop by a little girl’s birthday party while on vacation.


There were some serious gifts given.  Mega amounts of pool toys, and with her super six-year-old abilities I’m sure she’ll be using them all the time 🙂 !  Nana and Papa got her a “big girl bike”, Benjamin got her a soccer ball, Joseph got her cleats, Jacob got her shin guards, and mommy and daddy got her signed up for soccer camp in a couple of weeks as well as dance and soccer lessons starting in the fall.  Oh, and one more thing, her daddy got her first real jewelry, a CTR ring!  At the beginning of the year each of the junior primary got a standard green CTR ring.  I realised several months later that Emma was still wearing that ring.  Even weeks after that I noticed that her finger was turning green but she was still wearing it.  Jared and I decided that she has proved that she can take care of it and keep it on so we bought one for her.  We could have done the “wait until you turn eight” idea but I didn’t want to deny her the chance to wear a good one for the next couple of years because of her baptism.


After presents we blew out some candles and ate cake!  It was so wonderful to hear so many people singing to Emma.  We had a full house and it was so nice to be with friends and family and those who care for Emma.


I kept apologizing to everyone about the strawberry cake overload!  You don’t think about those things when you’re throwing a little kid party and there are adults invited.  I was just filling the order that was placed by the birthday girl.  But everyone assured me that the cake was great and super moist and they all loved the frosting which I was a little nervous about with it being my first attempt at making it from scratch.

Happy birthday, to my little mermaid princess!  I hope it was a birthday to  remember!


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