Annual Review

So part of this process is not only grading him on these tests but also looking back at his six month review and all the goals that we set for him and see which ones he has accomplished.  It’s always fun to watch as they put a big line through each goal that he has met, only to fill it in with a new goal 🙂 .

  • He is now able to drink from an open cup without spilling.  He was having issues with biting his sippie cup and not using the proper sucking and rotary movements required to drink from a cup.
  • He can chew and swallow a piece of lunch meat other than bologna.  This came from the fact that he wouldn’t eat anything that wouldn’t dissolve in his mouth.  He would suck on meats until all their flavor was gone (I assume) and then spit it back out.  Working on his jaw muscles and movement has increased his ability and desire to eat other foods.
  • He has also seen a orthotist, and even though he doesn’t actually have the braces on his legs they are ordered and on their way.

We added several other goals to work on over the next six months, before he turns three and leaves Early Childhood.

  • For fine motor- when Jacob can cut small strips of paper (more the movement than the actual cutting)
  • For balance- when Jacob is able to tolerate/ accept new movement activities like swinging and sliding down.
  • For physical- when Jacob is able to jump from the bottom step of the stairs to the floor (in conjunction with balance goal)
  • For speech- when Jacob can follow a 2 step direction on his own.

He’s done some great work and we have some great things to work towards.


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