Finally… braces!!!

Yesterday I got a call from the orthotist saying that Jacob’s braces were finally in.  It took us six months to get all this done, but now the time is here and I’m so relieved!

The one thing I wasn’t looking forward to was having to take all the kids with me.  This was going to be an important meeting where he would show me how everything worked and give me all the instructions that I would need.  This was one of those days where I wish the kids were in school so they would be out of my hair.  However, the kids surprised me, well for the most part at least.

They each brought library books so they could get their reading time in, I just didn’t think about what they would do after they were done with that.  So, partly my fault, partly the fault that it went so long, and party the kids fault because they should have been able to sit quietly.  It doesn’t really matter, and they were good all things considered.



I snapped some pictures of Jacob walking across the room and in some of the shots you can tell how awkward his gait is.  He practically trips over his own feet.

There were several things that were required of him, more measurements to take, and a few tweakings to make sure everything was in proper order and ready to be taken home.


I do have to say that I was really nervous about having to go home with him and these contraptions.  I was so scared that I was going to hurt him, and I still am.  One of the things that he told me to watch very closely for over the next several weeks is any reddening of his skin.  If it goes away after 15-20 minutes it’s just normal wear marks like the ones you get from wearing socks.  The thing I needed to watch out for is if the redness doesn’t go away.  That’s a sign of deterioration of his skin, his muscles, and/or his bone!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  I wanted to cry!  I guess I just expected that since we’d finally be getting these braces that things would start to slow down a bit and start going back to normal (if there is such a thing anymore)!  Maybe I’m just tired… who knows?  But the strain on his body is going to be really bad until he gets used to the new order of things!


We strapped him into his night boots for the first time tonight.  He was really good about it, very helpful with pushing his feet in and holding still so that we could see what we were doing.  It wasn’t until we shut the light off, walked out the room, and down the hall that the screaming began.  He, or course, tried to get out of bed like he normally does but this time it didn’t go so well.  He didn’t want them on and he made it known.  At some point in the night I couldn’t take the crying any longer and put him in bed with me.  He fell asleep holding my hand, but repeatedly kicked me all night as he tossed and turned.  I’m glad I got a picture of him wearing these and smiling because I don’t know if I’ll ever see that smile when we pull these bad boys out again!


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One response to “Finally… braces!!!

  1. Azy

    he looks adorable with the braces on, i bet he gets use to them real fast. he is such a happy little boy i am sure he will adapt fast! hang in there!

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