Soccer Camp

Several weeks ago we signed Benjamin and Emma up for soccer camp.  It wasn’t a whole week-long, which I was very grateful for, but it was one entire day!


They were so excited to get their soccer clothes on, especially Emma.  She just got her soccer stuff at her birthday party a couple of weeks ago and there hasn’t been a chance for her to wear any of it!  Joseph HAD to bring a mini soccer ball, which he dribbled up and down the aisles to keep himself busy.  And since we weren’t exactly sure what to expect, I packed a cooler with sandwiches, drinks, and some snacks.  I’m so glad we did that because there was only the expensive, stale nachos and churros being sold.  McDonald’s did provide bags of apple slices, but that wasn’t enough to sustain the kids.


So yes, this whole camp was put together by the Ronald McDonald House.  We registered at the beginning of the summer because they were only taking 200 children.  We found out the kids made the cut just a couple of days before Emma’s birthday.  We were able to use that as a present, along with all her new soccer gear.

There were some fun arcade games that distracted Jacob and Joseph for a bit.  I enlarged the picture so that you can see his daytime braces!  They’re very obvious because he’s wearing shorts but once pant season comes around again I’m sure they’ll be pretty undetectable.


They taught the kids some wonderful stretches and exercises to get them prepared for the games that they would be playing later on.

They got to play against Ronald McDonald himself.  At one point, Emma made an impossible goal and threw her arms in the air in victory!  It was so much fun to watch!

It was a wonderful chance for the kids to learn team work.  Not that it stuck, but I think they had fun running after a giant clown on the soccer field!

At the very end of the camp, the kids each got a certificate and a brand new soccer ball signed by Ronald.

Even though we were right there watching them the whole time,  we got to hear everything broken down for us from their perspective for the rest of the day :) .

I'm so glad we took the time to look into this program.  It was so much fun for the kids and really got them excited for soccer season in the fall!


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