Rec-Center Dance

So today was the start of Emma’s dance classes with Miss Lori Day.  The first day was actually on her birthday but that would have required us to miss her party so we opted to miss out on that one.  Emma caught up real quick.


Emma started taking dance when she was four but her instructor was put on bedrest and had to cancel indefinitely.  Miss Britney provided a great foundation for her, but I am getting goose-bumps from watching her with Miss Lori!

If Emma doesn’t get the steps from just observing, Miss Lori is so patient and understanding that she walks her through it all until she gets it down.  I’m amazed at how much she has learned after just one hour.  I can’t imagine what she’ll be doing after six months of classes.  All I can say is that both Emma and I can hardly wait for next weeks class!

I was able to snap another picture of Jacob in his daytime braces.  As you can see, they’re a little more conspicuous than I had planned.  I had originally planned to try to hide them a bit more underneath his pants/shorts but that has proved to be a bit more difficult.  One of the main concepts of the braces is that they are constantly pulled tight to pull his legs into the right position.  If at any point they become less taut than the braces have a tendency to slip out of their slots at his hips.  It makes it very difficult to have to weave it back under his clothes and reattach it, so I opted for the over-the-pants method which looks more obvious but is more convenient for me when rushing around.  I lasted a whole week with stringing it back through his pants but it got to be a bit time-consuming and irritating!


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