Final Cake for Class #3

I have been taking a cake class for the last two weeks.  It has been Monday, Wednesday, Monday, Wednesday for two hours each evening.  Talk about warp speed!!!

So for the past four classes we have been learning about fondant and gumpaste and all the different possibilities therein.  We learned how to handle the materials and how to make different types of flowers.

I knew from the first class that I would have to make a final cake so I had a color scheme all planned out as I made my flowers.  I saved everything that I made in my classes and even made some at home with the kids watching in awe!  This is what I came up with!


My idea behind the cake was a stack of presents with the top one open and the contents spilling out.  Can you see it??? 🙂

I had to change a lot of things because of little fingers!  I had originally covered the top box/cake in class.  I didn’t have time to do the rest so I took it home.  If you look closely, the bottom cake is a square instead of a rectangle like the one on top.  It wasn’t originally like that!  After one night in the fridge, I woke to find about 10 finger holes poked in it.  Okay, upset but fixable.  I filled the holes with buttercream and it was good as new.  That day I finished decorating the top cake.  I added the purple elements, the gumpaste lid (much harder than I anticipated), and edible luster dust.  As I was painting, Jacob grabbed the lid and it shattered.  Great!  I didn’t have the patience to do that over so I pieced it together and used gum-glue adhesive (edible) to adhere it.  I left it in the fridge for one more night and woke up to a half eaten bottom half.  That’s when I went out and bought a lock for my fridge!!!

I was so frustrated, but again, made it work.  I cut off the eaten part which made it a square shape.  I noticed that the kids hadn’t touched the fondant covered cake so I immediately covered the other cake in fondant and started painting and decorating it.  I covered it with white fondant but painted the body of it with yellow flower coloring and luster dust.  I added the white “lid” and the chocolate fondant for ribbon.  I painted the chocolate fondant ribbon and bow with a bronze dust to subdue the color and give it that luster effect that some ribbon has.


At about 11:00 I finished placing the last flower and leaf!  The second that flower was placed I ran and grabbed my camera!  It was such a relief to have it done and I wanted some evidence that I had made it before it was destroyed again.

It took me a good hour to realise what I had made and to fully appreciate it.  It may not have been exactly what I had envisioned, but in some ways it surpassed that.  I learned so much from this class and from stretching my abilities in this cake.  I learned a lot of what to-do and what not to-do for future cakes.


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