Stair work

Jacob now has the straps for his legs and he is doing so well with them.  Kristen was ecstatic watching him do all his exercises!  He greatly dislikes the Dennis Brown brace he is supposed to wear at night.  I think forcing a two-year-old to not move can be quite torturous!

Jacob is now able to walk up and down the stairs facing forward with the braces on.  Before the braces it was a hit and miss, and he could never do it with his feet in the right position.

He and Kristen worked on walking on the balance beam to carry bean bags back and forth.  This is going to get him in the habit of placing one foot in front of the other instead of doing a rocking back and forth movement.  He also practiced kicking a ball to a target and then reaching up on tip toes.  It was hard to pry him for the soccer and goal once she had brought it out so we’re going to have to save that one for last next time 🙂 .


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