The Death of an Old Friend!

Two weeks ago, Jared’s car bit the dust coming into our gated community.  He managed to coast the rest of the way home and park it in front of the house.  It’s been sitting there ever since.  We’ve tried just about everything to get it running again, but it looks like it’s going to cost us more to repair it than it’s worth.  We’ve been talking about getting Jared a new car with this next tax return but I guess it will have to be a bit earlier than planned.


So for the past two weeks Jared has been bumming rides off of people to and from work.  We’ve looked into several different makes and models through dealers and private sellers but it’s hard narrowing it down.  We don’t want just any old car, we’re looking for something professional and that will last us another ten years.

That’s right.  We’ve had “the green hornet” ever since we first got married.  It is one of the last things that we have from when we first got married.  We had tvs, sofas, tables, etc. when we were first married, but they have all been replaced over the years.

So today when the charity came to tow away the car I had to take a minute to say good-bye.  I’m happy to see it go because it’s done its job for so long, but then another part of me was a little melancholy to see them drive it away.  At least this way we’ve now made room for a new car whenever we bite that bullet (hopefully very soon)!


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  1. I totally remember riding in that car with Jared and other boys! Sad to hear it died . . . Rest in Peace.

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