DS swap

Some very upsetting news today!  Our developmental specialist (the main therapist that works with Jacob and coordinates all the other therapists) is moving to a different early childhood group.  That means that she won’t be working with Jacob any longer.  It’s sad to see her go because she’s been working with us for over a year now and Jacob has grown so attached to her.

Today Kris came with Jacob’s new DS, Freya.  Jacob wouldn’t have anything to do with her and I’m really hoping that will change as he sees her more often.

Kris worked on matching colors and sorting colors.  He labeled many items (apple, banana, ball, fish, berry) without needing prompts.  Jacob worked on throwing and catching balls after that.

There didn’t seem to be a push to do something new today.  I’m sure what she wanted more than anything was for Jacob to get used to Freya.


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