Utah Cousins

Abby and the kids flew into town for the weekend.  We got to spend the day with them.  They were so nice to accommodate us and come over to our place to go swimming and eat lunch.  It was nice to see the kids running after each other and playing so well together.  I was so amazed at how much they had grown.  Owen is actually going to be one in just a few short weeks!  CRAZY!


Jacob and Olivea were thick as thieves.  Well, maybe a little thicker than Olivea wanted 🙂 .  When they were in the house Jacob kept chasing her with his fingers like he was trying to tickle her.  It was funny to watch!

Jacob was really attentive to Owen.  He was able to say his name without any problems.  He would get down on all fours and crawl around with “Owey” as he called him.  He loved when Owen would smile at him.  He looked like he had just won the lottery.

Jacob’s still pretty cautious around the water.  He’ll sit on the steps for forever but he protests when we try to pull him into the water.  Olivea was the same way but we got her to wear pink arm floaties and kick on her own for a while.  She is the funniest little girl!  She has this face that she makes that makes her look upset but they she’ll be laughing at the same time so it makes you rethink everything that you’re doing with her.

Mister Owen was the picture of relaxation!  Almost the exact opposite of his big sister, he is all smiles all the time.  He lights up no matter who you are, while you have to almost have to prove yourself to Olivea before she’ll stop glaring at you 🙂 .  I guess I think Olivea’s reactions are so funny because I never really had a child like that.  And from stories that I’ve heard from my parents, I was the little girl who charmed the pants off everyone with my smilie nature!


This picture makes me laugh!  This is Benjamin making faces at baby Owen to get him to laugh for the camera.  I’m sure from a different angle it might have looked funny because Owen was all smiles, but from this angle he looks like a little gargoyle.


We played so hard out in the desert heat that it wiped Olivea out.  These kids aren’t used to the draining heat and it showed as Olivea sat all wrapped in her towel.  She was completely zoned out.  It took a lot of tickles and silly faces to get a smile out of her!  She finally smiled when I said, “Don’t you smile, Olivea”, and of course she did!!!

After swimming we went into the house to have a big lunch.  There were hotdogs, pasta and ambrosia salads, watermelon, and cookies!!!  How pointless to have a trip to Nana’s house without cookies!  It was so hilarious to watch my kids eat cookies and then sneak some to Owen under the table 🙂 .  First of all, I was surprised that they shared their cookies at all.  And second, even though Abby was okay with it, it just looked like something they shouldn’t be doing.

Such a fun visit!  Come back and play with us again, soon!!!


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