Today we made a special trip downtown to visit the flamingos!  I had several people ask me where I planned to find these beautiful birds since I live in Las Vegas.  To which I respond, “The Flamingo Hotel, that’s where!”


It was such a special thing to see these birds especially after all the reports that I got from the kids beforehand.  I made them watch a couple of YouTube videos and gave them some things to read so that they would know more about them before they observed them.  It worked too!  They were so excited to point out all the little things that they had learned to Nana.  Like, did you know that flamingos CAN fly?  Most people think that they can’t.  And, did you know that their legs don’t bend backward?  It just looks like it because it’s actually the heel of their feet where we think it’s their knees.


There were a bunch of other fun things to see at the flamingo habitat as well.  There were MASSIVE koi fish, turtles, swans, and guinea fowl roaming free.  It was so hot and sunny out that the flamingos stayed huddled under the shade until later in the afternoon, but it was worth the trip out to see them, and you can’t beat the cost!  FREE!!!

We were done looking at everything within a short period of time.  I had imagined it to go a bit differently, but we were all so hot!  It’s so hard to get out of the house these days and to get down to the strip, so I thought we could walk over to the Caesar Hotel and go watch the statues.

The kids love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books and Benjamin just finished reading a Magic Treehouse book about the Greek Gods so I thought this would be right up their alley, plus it would be indoors!

It took a while to walk across the street and find a way into the Forum Shops.  The kids loved the sky ceiling!  We came to a fountain and Nana supplied the three older kids with coins so they could make wishes.

I took us down a hall that I thought was leading to the “Festival Fountains” but instead it dumped us out on the “Fountains of Atlantis”.  It went better than I could have ever planned.  There was a massive salt-water tank behind the fountain feature.  For those who don’t know, my children are HUGE fish fanatics!  It all started when Disney and Pixar collaborated and created the wonderful movie, NEMO!!!!  My children have been hooked ever since.


We stayed long enough to watch the fountain show, which terrified Emma and Jacob, twice.  Since it runs every hour you can figure out how long we were there 🙂 !  That was party due to the fact that there was a Cheesecake Factory directly across from the aquarium.  It wasn’t that the kids wanted anything but that Nana and I wanted something.  So we all sat down and ate ice cream and cheesecake!!!


Jacob is doing so well with his eating.  I was quite impressed how well he was able to eat his ice cream with his spoon.

The kids zonked out on the ride home and I don’t blame them one bit!  That was a jam-packed day in the heat!  I’m so glad we were able to go and get out of the house for a bit though!!!


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