Word Phrases

Jacob is starting to visualize when he needs to go potty but is not actually going when sitting on the toilet.  The point is that he’s starting to notice when he is going or when he needs to go.  That’s the first step to potty training.  With his muscle problems we’re not sure if it will affect his ability to potty train.  You need to be able to control certain muscles in your body to hold and release and we’re not sure if those muscles are effected by his hypotonia.  It looks like we’ll see shortly!

Jacob was alert and cooperative this afternoon.  I think it had to do with his early nap.  He spontaneously requested toys and was saying one word phrases all the time.  He required models for 2 word phrases and had difficulty repeating them.

He was unaware of his drooling again.  That’s something that happens when he’s concentrating really hard on something he forgets to close his mouth and swallow the excess saliva, something that we do as second nature but his jaw/mouth muscles take extra effort on his part to keep shut and when he’s concentrating really hard he forgets.

His speech was very easy to understand!  He understood 2 step directions (first → then).

Myrna wants me to have Jacob clean his own mouth when he is drooling.  I also need to remember to wait to give Jacob time and motivation to use his words.  Just like what we did when we were trying so hard to get him to talk.


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