Flowers and Cake Design

I finished my third and final cake class yesterday afternoon!  I have to say I wasn’t so thrilled last week when my instructor told me that as part of my final cake I needed to incorporate the basket weave (the icing work on the side of the cake).  I had something else planned for my cake but that plan had to change.  I tried to think of something creative and a bit bright since my last cake was a bit more muted.  The thing that popped into my head was an old nursery rhyme that my mother would sing to me as a child that went, “A tisket as tasket, a green and yellow basket, I wrote a letter to my mom, and on the way I lost it.”  That was it, I’d make a green and yellow basket!


The pictures above are how my cake looked when I left class.  I had to make a handle out of royal icing last night and let it dry overnight.  I should have let it dry another day or two but I had family coming over tonight to eat it with us.

The handle wasn’t as strong as it would have been if I had let it dry completely, but at least I got some pictures of it before it cracked 🙂 !

I have to say that I’m really pleased with the way that the idea turned out.  I am constantly second guessing myself and it isn’t until I see the final product that I realize that with a little bit of extra work and attention to detail I looks just the way I had imagined!

Someone, I can’t remember who, had asked me if this is what everyone else’s cake looked like.  I have to say no.  It’s not a bad thing, but my thought process behind it all was if I’m going to have to make a cake to complete this class then I might as well make it to the best of my abilities, get some pictures out of it and be able to show people what I’m capable of.  Not everyone feels that way and that’s completely fine but for my future this benefited me more than just throwing together a cake.


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  1. Hi Brianna,
    This cake is so beautiful. I needed a green & yellow basket photo for a post I was writing on baskets and found yours on Google images. LOVE IT! I’ve used it as the first photo on the post with a link to your blog. Hope you don’t mind. It goes live tonight at 7pm EDT.
    Ducks ‘n a Row

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