Owen’s First Birthday

Today was little Owen Combs’ birthday party!  We rushed over to Abby and Garron’s house after spending a few hours with his mom and our Johnson cousins.  They had told us to bring the kids’ swimming suits so that they could get wet but when we got there we noticed that they didn’t have a pool so we left them in the car.

Everything started with a really nice BBQ.  Garron and my dad whipped up some great hot dogs and hamburgers, while Abby provided all the great condiments and side dishes!  The torrential down pour had ended so a lot of people went outside to eat while others chose to eat and mingle indoors.  Others chose to lounge around and eat, while other chose to scavenge for their food as in the case of Jacob in stealing Brayden’s chips right out from under him 🙂 !

   Some picked their food, some charmed others into cutting their food, and others had a lip-smackin’ good time with their food!


And even with all of those other options you still had people eating food picnic style!


While we were outside enjoying the beautiful weather, I noticed a mini slide and a mini pool filled with water.  I didn’t think much of it until I saw my little brother showing my kids the massive sponges sitting in the pool and how to fill them with water.  Before you could even think about it, all the adults were rushing to put the food away while the kids were dousing each other with water!!!  And yes, my dad was included in that category of “kids” 🙂 !


There was no one who escaped once Garron brought out the water balloons!!!  He had filled up two huge tubs of them AND he had several in his master bathroom sink!  At one point he pulled out the screen in his bathroom window so that he could have the high ground and pick people off one by one!  At one point there were adults using children as shields!!!

At one point Abby was trying to get Kyrina wet but Kyrina used a large piece of cardboard as a shield to get away.  I could see how devastated Abby was and made the observation that there was a hose sitting right there!  All Abby had to do was corral her back to the same position and I’d be more than willing to help by spraying her down with the hose.  It seemed innocent enough but some red flags should have gone off when Jared insisted on taking the camera from me.

Abby chased Kyrina around and we got her real good and wet, like planned, but then things changed when Kryina started to fight back!  All of a sudden I got a face full of sponge and so I was totally justified in joining in the chaos.  Sure I reverted back to being a 12-year-old for a few minutes but it was all for a good cause!!!


With everything that was going on I don’t know how these four managed to stay dry!!!  Gordon sitting there all smug and I guess I do understand why no one doused Grandma, but Jared and Jacob???  I thought Jacob would have plowed head first into all the action.  I guess I was wrong!  I was surprised to see him going down the mini slide repeatedly!  That’s something we’ve been working on with Ms. Rebecca.  The best part is that we didn’t push him to do it and he doesn’t have a grimace on his face as he’s going down.  He actually looks like he’s enjoying himself 🙂 !

Oh, just kidding!  The little stinker got off the slide just to get me wet!!!  There should be a rule against that 😀 .  ‘No one is allowed to get the camera man/woman wet or they forfeit playing!’

By the time the last water balloon was thrown and everyone had their fill of fun it was time to dry off and go inside for presents and cake.  Brayden wanted to continue to get wet so thought the best possible way to do that was to lay down on the wet concrete porch and soak up as much as he could!!!  Grandma Combs said it best when she said, “You all look like drowned rats!!!”  Couldn’t have said it better myself!

It was chaos inside as people were trying to change clothes and find seats.  Papa and the birthday boy settled down to watch some videos on his phone.  Olivia was less than thrilled that they were doing this without her and wiggled her little bum onto Papa’s lap as well 🙂 .

It was kind of like that the rest of the evening.  Every time Owen would open a present (or Abby would open a present for him) Olivia would squeal with delight at the new toys we had given her!  Every one was cracking up which only fueled the drama even more!  At this point in the evening I switched to using Abby’s camera because she was so busy hosting and being mommy that she couldn’t take pictures as well.  That’s why I have no pictures of the presents being opened or him eating the cake (which was hilarious)!!!  I don’t know why she did it but just after we sang “Happy Birthday” and sliced Owen a piece of cake and we’re all waiting in suspense to see what he would do with it Abby just shoved his face into the cake!  From forehead to chin his face was covered in white frosting, but he had the biggest grin on his face!  I was able to get some good pictures of that for her!

I was able to snap a quick shot that completely encompasses everything about Owen.  Besides being incredibly cute he is such a patient and easy-going baby!  He’ll just smile and wait his turn, which is going to serve him well with Livy around 🙂 !


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