Swimming with Johnson Cousins

Today we had a big day out of town, but there were a few things that I wanted to do before we headed south.

Grandma wanted to take me to a place called Orson and Gygi’s.  She knows how much I love to bake (a passion that we both share) and she thought she’d introduce me to the store.  Oh my goodness!!!  I feel in love the minute I walked in the door.  There were so many things to see, I was on sensory overload!!!  I didn’t get a chance to buy anything of significant value but it was nice to rummage through things and talk out ideas with Grandma.

We dropped grandma off at the house, grabbed the kids’ swimsuits for later and then headed out the door for the wonderful, magical land of IKEA!!!  Today was the last day of their “kids eat free” deal and so we totally scored big!  Not only did we snag four free meals but we also tricked them into watching three of our four kids for 90 minutes!!!  How awesome is that?!?  After spending a couple of hours playing and buying things that we really didn’t need, we headed over to Daybreak to see Grandma Johnson and her new apartment.

The kids were so tired that by the time we got to Grandma’s place Jacob was completely out!  I don’t know how kids can sleep like that.

We had the benefit of being in town at the same time as Megan and the girls!  I think the kids were surprised and excited to see their cousins in Utah.

We got the grand tour of the apartment and at Wendy’s frosties out on her patio.  After they were good and dirty, they changed into their swimsuits and Grandma led the way to the pool.  It was a great setup with the pool only a minute walk from her front door!


Julia was so fun to watch swim!  She was completely decked out with floaties, inner tube, hat, sunblock… it was so cute!  The main thing was that she was fearless!  She took on a couple of older boys that were tossing a ball back and forth in the pool.  At one point she tried to race them to the ball, kicking with all her might!  She made it a couple of inches closer to her target but you should have seen the determination on her face 🙂 !



After swimming and playing for a couple of hours it was time for us to pack up and head out to Lehi for a birthday party.  After being with Grandma for just a short time I was surprised that the kids knew their way around so well.  They were running all over as if they’d been doing it all the time.

I think Grandma and Grandpa are going to have fun in this new chapter of their lives.  It seems like their adjusting well to her new job and schedule, although school hasn’t started just yet so it might get worse before it gets better.  Patsi’s such a good educator though and so very capable!!!  The only thing is that all these little grandchildren of hers are going to miss her a lot!


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