Sunday with Cousins

Today we joined Grandma and Grandpa in their ward at church.  My aunt and uncle and their kids attend the ward just before ours and so we got to see them in the halls.  I love these kids and they just made my day when they so wholeheartedly played with and included my children as if they were old friends.  I know they are so much older (the youngest is the same age as my oldest) but they didn’t let that stop them.

Sweet Hannah watched over and played with Jacob almost the entire time!  It just made my heart swell to see them together.  I know some kids will play with little kids for a while but then get bored and go off and do something else but you should have seen them making up games and conspiring together!!!  It reminded me of how it used to be with my cousins when we were real little.  Unfortunately, my kids don’t have that constant interaction with some of the cousins that are more their age or their cousins are still too young so it was nice of the Combs kids to sort of fill that hole.

The kids all ate some of Grandma’s cake that she had made earlier in the day out on the front porch.  I LOVE how you can do that in Utah in the middle of the summer.  There are other things that deter me from wanting to move there but I do love their summers.

As we were cleaning things up Jacob took it upon himself to wash his babies!  I’m not exactly sure where he got that idea but I thought it was hilarious.  His fascination with baby dolls has only increased over the past few months when I noticed him carrying around an old doll that Benjamin got when Emma was born.  He would change its diaper when I would change Emma’s and take care of it just like I did Emma.  It became a great tool so that he didn’t get jealous or feel neglected, which happens for a little while adjusting to another child.

I was talking to Miss Rebecca about his attachment and she said brought it to my attention that the baby was weighted with beans in the bum area.  She said that you’ll find children attaching themselves to weighted cuddly items when they have sensory issues.  The object is giving his body input on where he is in space and that is very comforting to him.  He wants to have that comfort all the time and so I will probably see his attachment to the baby grow over time.  It isn’t so much the baby that he’s attached to but the feeling that the heavy object creates for his body that he loves!  So interesting, and sorry about the tangent 🙂 !


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