DS Communication Work

Even though we got home at 10:00 last night and Jared and I didn’t go to bed until sometime around 1:00 this morning, life still goes on and that includes therapy!

Freya was over at noon to do a little work with Jacob.  The only problem was the fact that he’s still not used to her and it took a good portion of our time for him to just open up and work with her.  He kept hiding in my chest.

She started off with some activities that he’s more familiar with.  She worked the piggy bank, focusing on two-word phrases when making choices (cow please).  She also worked on animal sound, matching and identification.

We worked some more on two-word requests with color identification.  That seemed to be the big thing we were working on, saying phrases instead of one-word responses.

She brought a car puzzle which incorporated two things that Jacob will never ignore.  Freya and I modeled two-words and waited after he would point and request a certain piece.  The puzzle had these little magnets attached so when he was done assembling the puzzle he was able to work his fine motor and hand-eye coordination when fishing the pieces off.

Another thing that she used that got Jacob’s attention was bubbles!  This was the tool that Kris used for her first visit to get encourage Jacob to sign “more”.  That was our first breakthrough in therapy and I’m so glad that Freya thought to bring them to help encourage his phrasing!

I hope it doesn’t take long for Jacob to open up to Freya and work with her.


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