Jaw Strength

Jacob has been cutting his two-year molars.  He’s been completely happy and normal it’s just an amazing amount of drool and congestion that builds up making it hard for him to breath through his nose so he has to breath through his mouth wich then causes more drool!!!  Can you tell I’m fed up with the slobber?!?

He is doing better with over stuffing his mouth and I think a lot of that has to do with the ice water that he’s now drinking with every meal.  Funny how something so simple as ice can cause such a drastic difference in your child’s eating habits!

Jacob was eating when Myrna arrived which helped as we moved into his feeding therapy.  He needed some reminders to take smaller bites.  He took drinks of ice water and upper jaw motility and chewing were noticed.  Myrna tore off pieces of Fruit by the Foot to encourage chewing.  He’s progressing with his lateralization and drooling.  He did need some reminders to wipe his face but with the amount of chewy foods he was eating I’m surprised he didn’t need more help.

We just need to keep working on his rotary movements so that he had a good chewing movement when he eats.


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