Getting Ready for a New School Year

It is supper late and I’m just finishing up the kids’ special treats for their teachers.  It’s just a little something that I do as their mom to help them break the ice with their new teachers.  A little brown-nosing never hurt anyone 🙂 !

For the first day of school last year I had bought a giant calculator for each of the kids to give to their teachers with a little note that said “According to my CALCULATIONS, this is going to be a great year!”  I remember going into Mrs. Y’s classroom toward the end of the year and seeing the calculator sitting on top of her desk 🙂 .

This year we went for a bouquet of apples in a pencil vase.  I found some green floral foam at the dollar store that was perfect for me to surround with new pencils.  I made some Oreo pops for the first time and as usual found things that work better for another time.  While the Oreo was still wet with chocolate I stuck a piece of pretzel in the top for the stem and added a fondant leaf that I had made earlier.  The heat is so hot that I had to store them in the fridge for tonight so that they’d stay hard in the morning.  I’m just hoping that it won’t be too hot before the kids go into their classrooms that they don’t melt.

So, with treats baked, clothes laid out, blessings given, and teacher gifts made, I think we’re ready for our first day of school tomorrow.


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