First Day of 2012 School Year

The first day of school is bitter-sweet.  It’s great because they get to see old teachers and friends and you’ve been wanting to kill them for the last month.  But it’s just another very big reminder that your kids are getting older and changing before your very eyes.  Even as they all piled in the car and I turned around to snap a quick picture I couldn’t help getting a little choked up.

We were running on time but I had forgotten to charge my camera battery last night so I had no camera!!!  Not good.  So I managed to get about 10 minutes of charge time during the ride to the school.  I was praying that it would be enough time to take some pictures of the kids.  Luckily it worked and I was able to get some nice pictures of the kids and their teachers.

Jared was insistent on getting a picture of me with the kids.  He’s so right!  There are hardly any pictures of me with the kids or just me in general.  I kinda like it that way but I would like the kids to look back at their lives and realise I was very present in everything they did.

As you can see in one of them, Joseph was having a hard morning because he wasn’t starting school today.  His preschool program doesn’t start for a few more weeks and that just wasn’t good enough for him.


Benjamin was very excited to meet his new second grade teacher, Mrs. Sauceda.  She is such a good teacher for him.  He tends to “wander” in his thoughts and I get really annoyed with that.  That’s about the time that I get mad and he shuts down and then no one is happy and no one is progressing and learning.  She’s been teaching 2nd grade for over 30 years and you can tell she loves it!!!   I’m hoping that somewhere in those 30 years she’s met another student like Benjamin and will have some good tips for us to help him focus.  She’s also very direct but extremely sweet at the same time.  I think she’ll be able to get Benjamin to do a lot of things that I can’t.  I’m not expecting to sit back and watch from the sidelines as she teaches my child, but I’m hoping that she will be much like Jacob’s therapists are, another source and outlet!

As we got him checked in with his teacher and said our last good-byes (until 3:30) I noticed that Benjamin took a couple of seconds with his little sister.  I overheard him asking her if she was nervous to which she responded in the affirmative (this is the girl who threw up on her first day fo Kindergarten because of anxiety) and he told her to just listen to her teacher and everything would be okay.  It had to have been one of the sweetest moments I’ve seen with the kids.  This is why I went through all the pain of having my children so close together.  This is why I deal with their craziness on a daily basis, because I know that at some point they will turn to each other for love and comfort.  I would love for it to be me or Jared, but if it had to be anyone else I’m so glad that it was a sibling!!!


Emma was a little more nervous to meet her teacher than Benjamin was.  I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that her old Kindergarten teacher moved up to first grade and her and most of Emma’s old class were in the line right next to Ms. Daskas and her new class.

Emma got some last-minute love and hugs from her daddy and little brothers while she was waiting to line up and go inside the school.  I’m so glad that Jared was able to give each of the kids blessings last night.  It must be really scary to go to school without knowing that someone is watching out for you all the time that you’re separated from your family.


We walked around the school for a little bit and tried to get Joseph out of his funky mood.  We’ve been to this school for years but I think this was the first time that he was really paying attention because of the fact that he’s going to be starting school here pretty soon.

I’m preparing myself for the daily questioning as to when his first day of school will be.  I hope we can make it as special for him as we were able to do for these two kids today.

Like the neurotic mother that I am, I went back to the school at 3:30 to make sure the kids got on the right bus and to follow the route so I know where they will be.  In the last two years of them riding the bus they have never been on the correct bus the first day of school.  I climbed in and out of four buses before I found the right one and even then I walked up the aisle to make sure they were there 🙂 .  I don’t know if they appreciated that at all but I don’t really care!  It’s 10 times worse not knowing where your child is.

By the time the kids got home Jacob and Joseph (mostly Joseph) had some great things to share with the older kids.  Joseph had worked really hard on writing some of his letters to show them.  He has been bugging me for weeks now to teach him how to read.  You’d think that would be a good thing but he doesn’t want to learn his letters and their sounds, he just wants the good stuff!  I’ve tried to tell him that he has to learn the sounds before he can read and I think he took that as me avoiding his request.  Hopefully preschool will be able to back me up a bit so that we can plow through these letters!



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