So I missed posting a bunch of pictures from the kids’ first day of school.  I’m notorious for taking way too many pictures but I’d rather take too many than not enough.  I had the worst time trying to find pictures of Jared as a child or youth when we were putting together our wedding video.  I ended up with about 30 pictures TOTAL and at least 10 of those were annual school photos!  We had to get really creative!!  I do not want that to happen to my kids or their future spouses.

I know I can’t solve or fix all the problems that my kids will have with me over the years but I can try my hardest to not create more problems than there need to be.  Does that make any sense 🙂 .  Even though Jared will never admit it to his parents, I know (because he has admitted it to me) that there’s some disappointment there with his childhood.  He constantly makes remarks when I do things with or for the kids that make me realise that not all parents are involved in their child’s development.  It’s a bit disappointing but there’s nothing I can do to change the way Jared feels about his parents.  I can, however, make sure that my children have loving memories of their youth and know that I was always there for them.


I also forgot to mention that yesterday was Emma’s first day back at dance.  She missed Ms. Lori and was so excited to stretch with her!

I can tell it’s going to be a bit tricky to get from school to dance in time just because it’s across town.  But those are the sacrifices you make for your child when you find something that they love with an instructor that is as amazing as Lori!

I completely forgot to mention how our traditional Golden Spoon visit went last night.

Back when we lived in Lancaster, PA we met a family that took all their grandkids out for ice cream on the first day of school to celebrate.  We thought that was such a great idea but we wanted the whole family to participate and not just the kids that started school.  So two years ago, when Benjamin first started school, we started the tradition of going out for ice cream the evening of the first day of school!

Each of the kids got to pick out whatever flavor they wanted and we met up with my parents.  They were so excited to tell them every little detail of their day.  I’m not sure my parents heard everything but they got the idea 🙂 .

The kids loved their ice cream, some a little more than others (Jacob stealing some of Papa’s), but I think this tradition is going to be around for a while.



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