Chopping My Hair Off

So I was on the verge of shaving my head the other day.  I guess my friend heard the desperation in my voice and took pitty on me.

My hair was extreemly long!  My last haircut was toward the end of February and it had grown out quite a bit since then.


The problem is that it takes FOREVER to do anything to it.  So it usually stayed straight or sat in a ponytail.  Not very interesting.

She wanted to go really short and I wanted a bit longer but we eventually decided on a length.  At the longest point we ended up cutting off 12 inches!  It was a pretty good 10 inches everywhere else.  I’ve never had that much hair cut at once.  When she cut the first strand I was hyperventilating.  It’s a scary thing for someone who has never been that adventurous with her hair color or styles.

The idea was to put in some red highlights when we were done but my hair didn’t “pull” right and so we’re going to try it another night when we have more time.


The picture above and to the left is after she had finished cutting just the back of my hair.  I didn’t realise how much hair I had until I saw that pile and realised we were only half way done.

The picture above and to the right is of the small animal that we had created when we were done.  It was the size of a small dog and weighed a little over 2 pounds!!!  There’s one way to lose some weight!

But I am really pleased with the style and length of this haircut!


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