Two-Word Communication

Wow, adding just one more thing to my day seems to wipe me out!

This morning we had Freya come by again.  It was nice that we didn’t have any session last week.  With all the new schedules and activities that we were shuffling off to that was just one more thing that I wasn’t ready for.

We worked with Mr. Potato Head first.  Freya hid items around the family room and Jacob was to find them (reaching, crawling, etc) and then label them.  We then had him find the body part on himself.  During clean up, Freya prompted him to say “bye___” for each part with a pause to wait for him to finish.

We moved onto the fish puzzle.  This is always fun because it has magnets attached to each piece and a fishing rod with a magnet on the end for you to go “fishing” when you’re all done.  Jacob really likes that and it helps his hand-eye coordination.

She gave him a choice of two fish which she labeled with two-word phases (big fish, red fish, etc) and prompted him to repeat the phrase.  He needed a pause between each prompted word but he’ll get better as we practice.  He’s got a lot of new vocab. words and showed his awesome fine motor skills to pick up the fish!

We then did the best thing EVER!!!  We had an egg hunt!  She placed plastic eggs with fuzzies and bells around the room to encourage reaching, squatting, etc.  Jacob sorted the items into different baskets and we described each item and their location for him to imitate.

I’ll continue to use a short pause between two words when Jacob is imitating my speech to help him use multiple words!


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