Fine Motor Strengthening

So Rebecca was so happy to hear that Jacob went down the kiddy slide when we were in Utah.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but in our world it is a big accomplishment!

Jacob has had a bit of congestion ever since we got home from Utah.  I have a feeling it’s the dry weather but I’ll have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t drain into his ears.

Rebecca brought a similar magnetic puzzle to what Freya brought the other day.  I think because he had just done this exercise that his attention was much more focused.  He used his right hand to hold the fishing pole and replaced them with his left hand.

We played a little soccer to which we found that he was much more accurate in his kicking with his left foot.  I think he might be a lefty like his daddy!

Jacob then worked on removing foil for beads.  He’s doing so well with his finger coordination on completing these tasks!  At one point he had unwrapped a very small bead from the foil.  Before he threaded it on the string he cupped it in his hands and in a very soft and loving voice said, “Key-U-te”.  Ms. Rebecca and I had a good laugh!  He is such a “key-u-te” little boy!


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