A Teaching Moment

As a mother that has potty trained three children I’ve been wondering how and when we’d get around to that with Jacob.  Mentally, he’s there!  Verbally, he’s getting there!  It’s the physical part of things that have me and his therapists a bit nervous.  One of the main things that you look for when getting ready to potty train your child is if they can hold it for any length of time.  Since that requires the strengthening of certain muscles, muscles that we can’t see and work on, it makes everything a bit tricky.

When I saw Jacob playing on my bed with my iPhone this morning it made me rethink the whole wait-to-potty-train idea.  It wasn’t because of the game that he was playing or the incredibly cute way he was sitting, but it was the way that he was teaching his baby doll how to play the game.  It’s just too unfortunate that he caught daddy and I spying on him otherwise I think he would have gone on for longer but I think we might be able to go that route of him teaching someone/something how to potty and that will reinforce the idea in his mind.  We’ll take it slow but it’s a start! 😀


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