In Memoriam

It was 10 years ago today that one of the worst terrorist attacks happened in our nations history.  I’m not very eloquent but I did want to write a few of my feelings down for my posterity.

Jared and I had been married for only a few months.  He had started law school just a month earlier and I had been working at the executive offices of Pepperdine University for about the same length of time.

Mornings were never our forte.  We were always sleeping in as long as we could and rushing to get to campus.  This morning was like every other.  Jared drove and I did my makeup as we made our way down the mountain.  Jared dropped me off at the office about 7:45 and I got everything set up for the start of the day at 8am.  The phone was already ringing off the hook but I didn’t take much notice especially since I wasn’t supposed to answer until 8.  As soon as the clock turned I answered the phone and it was a student reporter that wanted to know if there was going to be a special prayer ceremony for the tragedy.  I was stumped.  The most I could do was get his information and call him back once I knew more.  More of what I still didn’t know.

Everyone was in late that day and everyone was rushing around.  There was call after call wanting to know what was being done to ensure the safety of the school.  That’s when it really caught my attention and I had to know what was going on.

One of the secretaries told me what was happening and in the President’s office there were several different TV’s playing different news channels covering the attacks.  Then everything I’d heard over the last hour started making sense.  Right then is when we all sat down and started to come together with a speech, special evacuation plans, and somewhere in there is when we heard the breaking news of the plane in Pennsylvania.  Another hit!

Being a religious private school, the Pepperdine campus had monthly prayer meetings with the President and his staff.  It was open to whom ever wanted to attend and it usually brought a good crowd.  That day the campus church was full.  It stayed that way most of the weeks to follow.  It didn’t matter what faith you were, you were praying to God and that was all that mattered.

In the years that followed, the school had an annual prayer service and dedicated the Heroes Garden to honor 9/11 victims.  It is one of the more beautiful spots on campus, sitting on the highest bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

As I think back on that day and the chaos that surrounded it I don’t remember much.  In a way I liken it to childbirth.  It’s crazy long, painful, but in the end you remember seeing and holding that beautiful child and feeling all that love.  9/11 was a dark day, especially to those who lost someone.  But the thing I remember most is how everyone rallied together and supported one another.  We, as a nation, “mourn[ed] with those who mourn[ed]; comfort[ed] those who stood in need of comfort” and that is what I remember most!

I hope that nothing like that will ever face my children but if it does I hope that their generation will rise and stand together like we did in that day.

God bless America!


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