First Day of Preschool

Joseph’s in!  We found out today that he’s been accepted into the preschool program where the older two go to school.  I think this might help with some of the issues that we’ve been dealing with (lack of attention, laziness, attitude).  For some reason the program that I used to teach the others about reading and writing isn’t working with Joseph.  I’m thinking that it has to do with the fact that his two best friends are now at school ALL day.  He and Jacob are only two years apart but Jacob isn’t in the same place as Joseph.  Jacob’s still learning fundamental skills that Joseph’s known for years.  Joseph’s a smart boy but he’s also a little immature, especially when his size makes you think that he’s older than he really is.

I’m thinking that preschool will give him the right amount of independence that a four-year-old needs.  As a mother you want your child to always be with you but there’s a fine line that we have to walk between being loving and being controlling.  It’s important for children to have some independence you just have to make sure that it’s age appropriate and that your child is ready.


Since his preschool is in the afternoon it was just Jacob and I who got to send him off.  We left a little before school started so that we  could enroll him in the school.

You should have seen him walking around with Jacob.  He was telling him how much he was going to miss him  but that he was a big boy now and had to go to school.  I’m sure that Jacob understood little to none of that but he did understand that we were saying good-bye.

When Joseph’s teacher came out to gather all the students you could hear Joseph above everyone else, “HELLO TEACHER!!!”  He was going up to each of the kids and asking who they were and telling them his name.  He then ran up to me and said, “Okay, now we’re not strangers!”  The way he said it made it sound like it was part of a mental check-list that he had created 🙂 .  Too funny!

There are eleven others in his class which I think is a perfect size for a preschool.  I also know the teacher very well and know that she’s a lot like me in her rule book.  I’m thinking that Joseph is going to see just how “fair” I am when his teacher holds him accountable for bad choices.

As the kids were lining up and walking into the school, daddy came running up to wish him a good day!!!  I can’t tell you how excited Joseph was to see his daddy run up and give him a big hug before his first day of school.  I was flabbergasted that Jared had taken the time out of the middle of his day to come and see him off, but that’s Jared for you (very considerate)!!!

When I got home and walked into the boys’ room to put Jacob down for a nap, I was greeted by a window full of Joseph’s toys!

I found out later that they were all anxiously awaiting his return home!!!

Oh, boys and their toys!!!


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