Open House

Tonight was Open House night for the school.  It’s always fun to go to the school on nights like these because the kids are so excited to show you their classrooms, teachers, friends, and work that they’ve done so far.

We visited Joseph’s classroom first.  The kid was literally bouncing up and down from all the excitement!  He showed us everything in and around the room and even though the older kids knew most of what he was showing they were good sports and went along with it.


After getting an overview of what to expect in preschool, we made our way over to Emma’s classroom.  This was just as new and exciting for her as it was for Joseph.  She has her own desk this year as opposed to sharing a table with five others.  Her class is a good size (18 desks that I counted) but not too large so that she’s lost.  We noticed, as we went through her pile of work that she had out for us to look at, that she has a hard time finishing her work on time.  I noticed it a bit when she was doing her homework but didn’t think much of it.  She is very meticulous about her work and goes back over it again and again until it’s perfect!  It’s not a bad thing as long as she can learn to manage it.  I don’t know where she would have gotten that from 😀 !

We visited Benjamin’s class last.  It was a good thing too because by the time we got there almost everyone else had been and gone so we had Ms. Sauceda all to ourselves.  It was a good thing too.  It looks like we’re going to have to keep a closer eye on Benjamin and his work.  In the 10 days of journal entries that we should get to look at he had a total of 2!!!  Ms. Sauceda and I came to an understanding that Benjamin is a very talented and smart individual but he has a hard time getting started on his assignments.  She said that he is a wiz when it comes to math and is an exceptional reader but when it comes to writing, and not even structured writing just writing in general, he has a really hard time getting his thoughts in order.  We will get weekly progress reports to see how he’s doing and I’m going to have to work on some creative writing tips with him after homework and on the weekends.

I’m excited about this school year and so are all the kids.  I just hope we can keep this enthusiasm for another 9 months!!!


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