Indoor Soccer

Today was Benjamin and Emma’s first day of soccer.  And not just any soccer.  They started an indoor soccer league this fall!  After dealing with and hearing horror stories from parents about playing out in the heat or the cold I was lucky to hear that a new facility had opened up a week ago and they were doing indoor soccer as one of their sports.  It could not have been more perfect!  And to top it off, it’s only about 3 miles from our house!

The kids were excited to start-up again.  Benjamin enjoyed soccer so much during the spring but the 120 degree temperature didn’t allow for soccer, only the indoor soccer camp that both of them attended in July.

It was a pretty fun to watch the two of them play on the same team.  Emma has a lot of good foot work and coordination that comes naturally and from dance.  She was really good!  Benjamin saw that too, but instead of getting upset that she was on his team he stepped up and played better and worked harder too!

It was fun watching them face-off against each other.  It was the perfect opportunity to see how competitive or how much they will just enjoy the game.  I was thrilled to watch Emma kick the ball at Benjamin (playing goalie) incredibly hard and Benjamin blocking it.  Both of them looked at each other, laughing and saying “WOW!!!”

They may never be professional soccer players, or maybe they will.  What I’m hoping they learn and get from soccer goes beyond the actual sport.  The way they play the game and learn to work within a team will be applicable in almost every situation they come across in the future.  I know, I’m reading a bit too much into soccer playing 🙂 .  I get that way sometimes, but it is the way I feel.  I will never be one of those moms that push her child into doing something that they don’t want to do.  I will try my best to expose them to all sorts of different things so that they can choose for themselves what they’d like to pursue.

I’ve just recently noticed that I could have been a great cross-country runner.  Instead, I was never exposed to that option and so never knew, until a few weeks ago when I decided to start training for a marathon, that I was even capable of doing something like this.  It’s just unfortunate that it took 28 years to discover something like this about myself.  It would have been nice to know earlier so that I could have pursued/developed that talent instead of believing that I never could.


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