OT Sensory

When Rebecca came over today she didn’t have her usual bag of goodies.  Instead, I opened the door and saw a blanket layed out on the grass with a big tub of rice on top.  Jacob loves playing outside and it’s just been the last couple of days that the temperature has dropped making it nice to be outside again.

She worked him hard today!  It’s usually the PT, Kristen, that makes him cry but Rebecca managed to get him agitated and sweating hard.  She had him in a 4-point position (on all fours) to scoop items out of the rice.  He held the scoop with his right hand and held himself up with his left.  I asked if he had to shift hands at all and she said it wasn’t necessary because his left hand was getting a good workout just by holding himself up.  He had poor tolerance after a couple of minutes.  He kept trying to get out of the position because it really worked his upper body but Rebecca held his knees so that he couldn’t shift.

After spending a good amount of time outside we shifted everything indoors.  She brought out the scooter board for use with the bristle blocks.  He had EXCELLENT tolerance!!!  He sat up voluntarily on the scooter!  He traveled from one place to the next carrying one bristly block at a time and then pushing the blocks together for strengthening.

A hard but good session today!


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