This morning we were able to go to the sake center to watch and support a couple of Benjamin’s friends get baptised.  I can’t speak for anyone else but I can tell you that was a bit nervous, and it wasn’t because Benjamin was doing the musical number.  Making the choice to get baptised is such a large step in life and it’s just around the corner for Benjamin.  Three months!!!  There’s a young man in a ward that just turned eight and wasn’t sure if he wanted to get baptised.  At first I was thinking “Oh, no!  What have his parents been doing?  How could they let this happen?”  But the more I thought about it I realised how amazing the situation was.  This young man was actually thinking about his choice to get baptised instead of just following the steps because he’s eight.  I know that once this young man makes up his mind to get baptised he’ll never turn back, he’s just that kind of boy 🙂 .  Watching the struggle of this boy made me really conscious of Benjamin’s choice.  Is he doing this for himself?  Or for us?

We were a bit early so that he could practice his song but he started getting a bit nervous.  He asked if I’d sing with him, which I did but only for the first verse of “When I Am Baptised“.  I was up there for support and to help his confidence but all of that was pretty mental because he sounded and did a magnificent job!  He was on pitch and was loud enough for everyone to hear him.  I was so pleased and couldn’t help but shed a few tears as I listen to him sing “I know when I am baptised my wrongs are washed away, and I can be forgiven and improve myself each day!

I know that as we get closer to the time of his baptism he will have his answer.  I can see the resolve building in his eyes every time another one of his friends is baptised.  But more importantly, I hear and see his testimony growing almost on a daily basis at home!  He has such an amazing spirit and desire to do good.  He’s so much like his father in that regard, and I could not be happier for that!

He told us on the car ride home…

“Are you excited to get baptised?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Why’s that?”

“Because all my sins will be gone and I’ll get to have the Holy Ghost with me ALL the time!”

It’s so simple but he said it with such resolve that it caught me a little by surprise.  But then isn’t that what the Lord wants from us, to be like a little child!  They have an amazing ability to see the world from the simplest point of view and not add all the other elements that we’ve added to our lives, that just clutter and cloud our vision.

I’m thankful that Benjamin is preparing to enter the waters of baptism.  It’s putting our entire household into a position where we’re looking at things from a more eternal standpoint.  It’s bringing me closer to my Savior as I realise, even after 20 years, what an important gift he has given me!


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