Chewing and Nutrition

Myrna came over today!  She brought Jacob an ARK grabber to help with his jaw exercises.  Several months ago she had brought and used something called a TRI-chew.  Now that he’s getting older and better at the tasks that she’s asking of him, the TRI-chew makes it hard for him to chew without biting me or her.  As you can see, the ARK has a longer end that he can put back toward his molars.

We worked with he new ARK by doing repetitive bites.  10 times on each side in 4 trials (total of 40 bites).  We also get to do “around the world” bites which is basically having him bit up and down while you place the ARK at different places around his mouth, starting on one side and moving to the next.

He had to have verbal prompts today for his bite sizes and to stop stuffing his mouth.

I have to say that I’m a bit concerned about his nutrition.  Myrna and I talked about him possibly having a nutrition consult.  I’m just a bit nervous that since he’s favoring certain foods that things are going to slow down even more with his development.  If it’s already twice as hard to develop muscle but now you’re adding the fact that his diet is significantly lacking in protein then that just leads me to believe that we’ve got a problem.  I know that kids can be picky eaters at this age (not that my kids ever were) but we can’t afford to have things slow down.

I’ll talk to Freya about setting up a consult the next time she’s out here.  I mean there’s no harm in at least getting a professional opinion, but in the meantime Jacob and I get to work with a new toy!


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