Riding the Bus

Today was the first day that Joseph got to ride the school bus.

My schedule has been CRAZY while waiting for the bus approval.  I’d drop the older kids off at 9:00, come home and go back and drop Joseph off at 12:30, come home and nap Jacob and then wake him early so that we could go back to the school and pick up all three of the kids.  I didn’t have to pick up the older two but I figured since I had to go pick up Joseph that I might as well pick them up too.  Trying to fit in grocery shopping and any other type of errand in a day like that just added to the mess.

So, this afternoon, there was a honk from the bus, we went the front door to see the bus driver waiting to help Joseph.  Both Jacob and Joseph were practically jumping out of their skin with excitement 🙂 .  I made sure that he was strapped up and Jacob and I waved good-bye from the driveway.


When it came time for him to be getting home, Jacob and I went and played on the front lawn until the bus pulled up.  Joseph was busting at the seams to tell me all about his first day of riding the bus!  And then it was his turn to wave good-bye to his new friend!  I wonder if he realises he’ll see him again tomorrow?


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