Joseph turns 5!

Today started off bright and early.  Actually, I don’t think there was anything bright in the room except for Joseph’s smile!  He jumped into bed with us and announced, “So, are you going to wish me Happy Birthday?”

I was better, more prepared this year than last.  Last year I completely forgot it was his birthday until the day before.  It was not my finest moment as a mother!  I remember writing the date and thinking “No way!  His birthday is tomorrow!!!”  I ran home, made a cake and a few phone calls to invite people over.  It ended up being a big success and he loved every minute of it.

This year was a bit different because his birthday lands on a Wednesday and he’s now in school.  We made it special by making his favorite breakfast and in the morning him and I made eyeball cake pops to bring to his classroom instead of cupcakes.  Nana came over and took him to get his haircut and gave him a new pair of “running” shoes to wear to school.

He had a great day at school and came home and had a great little party with his family.  There was no cake, but we did give him a couple presents.  We’re having a little friend party next Saturday and that’s when the big guns will come out.  We enjoyed telling stories about Joseph and different reasons why we love him!  It was great!


One of the things that he wanted for his birthday was Legos.  Unfortunately, we still have a little one at home and that makes me nervous.  I didn’t want to punish Joseph because he has a younger brother but I didn’t want Jacob to get hurt.  Luckily I found these great toys called TRIOS.  They’re a larger version of Legos, more like a unifix cube.  It gave him the sense of being able to create but in a way that won’t hurt Jacob because the pieces are too big.

It was so much fun to show him how to follow the directions and then sit back as he and the kids worked it out.  They went on to play cowboys and use southern accents!  Too fun!!!

Happy Birthday, Joseph!  I love you to death!


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