Fine Motor Coordination

Jacob continues to switch hands frequently.  He is able to hold the paper and open and close the scissors to snip paper on both hands.  Rebecca provided verbal cueing to assist with the scissors.

4 point crawl position for his upper body strengthening.  They made a train track today.

2 hand practice with the bubble blower and tongs.

She wants us to work more on 4-point play (on all fours) to help build his upper body strength.

I’m also going to talk to Freya about getting a nutrition consult.  I’m a bit nervous that his protein intake isn’t enough.  It’s still difficult for him to chew those meats and I’m nervous that if he’s not getting enough protein then how is he feeding his muscles as we’re asking his body to create them.  It’s just something that I’ve been worrying about with myself as I train for this 1/2 marathon.  If it applies to me then the same principle should apply to him too.  It won’t hurt anything to have the nutritionist come out and check on everything.


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