Motor and Communication

Talked to Freya today about getting Jacob a nutrition consult.  She’ll have the therapist come with her during her next appointment.  Ugh, the number of those is growing less and less with each passing week.  It’s making me nervous to be without his four other mothers 🙂 .

Joseph was here today so he got to join us in a game of Candyland Castle.  We worked on turn taking, shape and color recognition, and matching.  Frey and I modeled the language that Jacob was to imitate.

We moved onto playing a game of matching/ pairing socks.  Freya and I would ask about the socks to encourage Jacob to describe them to us.  We gave him models and prompts when he needed them, but he is doing much better with pronouncing his words.

It seems to be a tradition now because Freya ended the session with the egg hunt.  Jacob searched for eggs which using the stool and tip-toes to reach.  Freya and I asked about colors and the different animals inside each egg.


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