Consignment Shopping

WOW!!!  My eyes have been open to the world of consignment shopping!  My sister-in-law called me up last week to offer me one of her tickets.  Because she was a consigner this year she got two early admission tickets.  I thought it was very thoughtful of her and gladly took it.  The days leading up to the sale I was thinking of things that I might want to look for (clothes, toys, presents, etc).  With my kids at school and Nana picking them up later, I took my $100 budget and my list  just down the road to stand in line with Megan and wait for the doors to open.

It somewhat reminded me of waiting in line for the midnight showing of Harry Potter or Twilight!  The line was crazy but the craziness was doubled because it was moms with their kids and strollers!

When the doors opened Megan and I split up.  She headed to find things for her little girls while I went to focus on the big boy clothes for Benjamin.  Since Joseph gets whatever Benjamin grows out of there was no real reason to spend a bunch of money on clothes for his size.  I did end up finding some great deals for him (a three-piece gray suit for $4) but I spent the bulk of the time looking for Benjamin.

I have to say that I was not disappointed!  I found clothes with the tags still on them for pennies on the dollar.  I think my biggest purchase was a three-piece black pinstriped suit for $20.00  It’s something Jared and I wanted to get Benjamin for his birthday in preparation for his baptism and we were planning on spending close to $100 but I found this and saved us so much money in turn.

I can’t thank my sister-in-law enough for giving me one of her tickets and for thinking of me.  I really owe her big!


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