What a Despicable Party!!!

Today was Joseph’s birthday party!  We were going to have it last weekend but life happened and we pushed it back a week so that I could do everything I wanted without missing any of our happenings.  Two weeks ago the invitations were hand delivered and I started gathering the supplies that I would need to create some of the fun games that we were going to play.  I think a lot of why I start so early (because I really had this idea planned several months ago) is so that mentally I can be prepared and have some type of game plan ready so that things don’t get out of hand.  That’s kind of what I did with Mike and Amy’s wedding too.

Last night we put up the final touches on things.  We hung the blue and yellow streamers, cut out goggles, and colored the minion poster.  It was so much cheaper to have a poster that size printed in black and white and then spend ten minutes to color it ourselves rather than spend $30 to have it color printed.  Jared was such a trooper at doing all the little things while I finished the cake.

As I think about it, it would have been fun to have printed off a picture of the moon and have it suspended in the air and then get pictures of the kids “holding” the shrunken moon in their hands.  This movie is just jam packed with so many great things that you could pull from.

With the party being at 10:00 this morning, I wanted to make sure that we weren’t rushed into getting ready this morning and that there was really nothing to do besides “not” open the door 🙂 !  Do you remember that part in the movie where the three little girls knock on Gru’s door and he answers it with “No body is home!  This is a recording!”  I thought would be a fun little touch to add as we answered the door to get everyone in their Despicable moods!

It always amazes me how you can really have a bunch of nothings in a pile and a couple of hours later have this amazing creation that when your son comes down the stairs he gasps and says, “You made me the moon!!!”  It’s worth the couple of hours of standing on your feet to have him so excited that practically the first thing he shows everyone when they come through the door is his birthday cake!  If nothing else, those cake classes have helped me develop a wonderful skill that I can use on my family over the years.


Our first order of business at the party was to create our very own cookie bots!  The kids got create and decorated some chocolate chip cookies with different candies using frosting as glue.  They all turned out quite interesting 🙂 !  At one point I think they became more motivated by the fact that they could eat the cookies when they were done with them.


After we had created and devoured our cookie bots, we made our way to the front door where we had set up the minion bowling.  It was a fairly simple process of emptying out six 2-liter bottles, glueing the caps on, and spray painting them yellow and them blue.  Once that was done and dry you could add the goggles with some tape.  Very simple, very cheap, and extremely fun!

The task was simple, kick the Ikea soccer ball and try to knock over as many minions as you can.  There were no prizes.  I didn’t want a lot of competition going on especially when most of them couldn’t aim the ball right.  They each got three turns and then went to the back of the line to cheer on the next person.  We had enough time to go through the line twice.

After the bowling we moved into the dining room where we had the arcade game “knocked over” set up.  I stacked a bunch of my kids’ plastic Ikea cups one atop the other and on the very top I had a paper cup with the alien on it.  The goal: to shoot the alien down!!!

We had some pretty intense players on this one!  And I completely underestimated the weight of the cups.  It took a lot for my little nerf disk guns to finally shoot the alien down.  I’d rethink something with a little more power next time 🙂 !


I think the funnest thing for me was when some of the adults that stayed or came to pick up their kids wanted to try some of the games themselves.  It was fun to have a party that was good for all ages!

We did a little “Pin the goggles on the Minion” and that was really fun to watch!  Especially when Joseph’s Papa got involved.  It looked like he was doing a limbo dance 🙂 .



It seemed like we couldn’t get enough of the games, which is good, but I realised that we were running short on time and thought it better to have some cake and then kids can go back and play any of the games that they wanted.


We opened presents (Jacob modeling Joseph’s jersey and helmet from Tyse) and we sent the kids home with some squid launchers and candy!

I am so happy that Joseph’s party was a success!  I love that we were able to create a place where family and friends were able to come and enjoy themselves and celebrate my handsome little man!

I couldn’t imagine spending this special day with any other group of people!  I’m so happy that Joseph is a part of our family and that he brings so much energy and life to our house!  He is such a creative and loveable little boy!  I love you, sweetheart!



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15 responses to “What a Despicable Party!!!

  1. U R so creative, thats awesome, I love it!

  2. Megan Johnson

    Amazing Brianna!! Love the cupcakes!!

  3. Christene Houston

    Great job Lady! Brooklyn had a super time!

  4. Carmell Asher

    I knew it was all going to turn into something despicable! It was all adorable, and Jenna had such a great time! She has been talking about the party all day!

  5. Taylor Estep

    omg thats soo cutee!!:D you are such a talented decorating master ::}

  6. Kyrina Combs

    Ok so I totally love this! Brays fav movie is despicable me and I’m throwing a minion party too! Can I steal some ideas?

  7. Natalia De la Rosa

    love this idea! Can you upload the pin the goggles minion?

  8. Jennifer Huber

    where did you get the poster for the pin the goggles on the minion game?

  9. Star Williams

    Do you still have a copy of the pin the goggles on the minion game?

  10. Nat

    Hi love, you wouldn’t by any chance have the file for the pin the goggles on the minions game. Cannot find it anywhere!!! I know lots of people are asking Realllly appreciate it! angel_lurva_69@hotmail.com

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