Cheek Streches

Jacob is doing better at biting and chewing.  We’re continuing to do jaw work and ARK Grabber before meals which is helping his chewing.

Myrna introduced us to a new technique today.  She showed me how to do cheek stretches on Jacob!  She worked bilaterally and did slight contraction on his lips.  He would be rewarded with a couple bites of a mixed texture snack (mandarin oranges and jello).  There was no spillage or drooling!

I talked to Myrna a bit more about my concern that he’s not eating a variety of meats.  He’ll do processed meats but no other, or very little.  I have requested a nutrition consult that will happen the first week in November.

For our next visit with Myrna I’ll need to have a variety of meats (chicken, sausage, etc.) prepared as well as pizza to observe his chewing.


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