School Fall Carnival

Tonight was the school’s fall carnival.  Since I’ve had so many things going on lately I’ve been taking it one day at a time.  I was able to finish the pumpkins yesterday that the school is auctioning off and so this morning, after I dropped the kids off at school, I set to work on my next project.  Since we’re actually going to be in Disneyland for Halloween I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole bunch of new costumes.  Plus, the kids still fit in the ones from last year so we’re doing a bit of recycling!  The only costume that didn’t still fit was Jacob’s 12 month Superman outfit, so I did a bit of improvising 🙂 .  I found a blue t-shirt on clearance at Target and used that as the basis of his new costume.  I paired that with some black pants and the red cape from the costume.  Now the only problem was making the t-shirt look like it was Superman’s.  I simply cut out the emblem and belt from the original costume and applied it to the t-shirt with a bit of heat and bond.  I tried to sew it to the t-shirt but the aplique that they used made it impossible to sew without puckering, so I cheated 🙂 !

With Jacob’s shirt done I was ready to get the kids ready for their school party as soon as they got home.

There were so many fun things for the kids to do, I just didn’t want to spend a bunch of money to do it!  I know, I’m cheap!  Well, that’s not really it.  It’s just that we’re spending a bunch of money to send us all to Disneyland and then we have to save up a bunch of money for food and souvenirs while we’re there and so carnival games was not high on my list of things to spend money on this week.


The kids had fun walking around and looking at the pumpkins we made yesterday.  They showed them off to their friends and Nana and Papa who walked down the street to support the school.  It was fun to watch Jacob run all over the place.  This time last year he was taking one or two steps.  To see how much progress he has made and to see how much fun he’s having keeping up with his siblings makes every minute of his therapy worth it!  He was so much fun to watch!!!


Of course, being at the school, we ran into friends!  There were friends from school and friends from church.  The PTA had asked for our ward to help out with the trunk-or-treat part of the event because we successfully do one every year.  It was such a treat to see Brother and Sister Larsen (Sunbeam teachers) walking around as old people!  They were hunched over and everything.  The kids hardly recognized them!  I love costumes like that!!!

Here’s to the start of a crazy, candy filled next couple of weeks!!!


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