Joseph’s Star Wars Party

As if the kid hadn’t had enough parties and celebrations of his birth, we got together with Jared’s family today to celebrate the October birthdays.

Since his parents have moved to Herriman, Utah for Patsi’s new job as the Jordan superintendent we don’t get to see them as often.  She’s trying to balance work and family by coming into town once a month for a quick visit.  That’s when we all get together for dinner and celebrate birthdays an whatever else is going on.

Patsi got into town on Thursday and spent some time with Tori and the new baby.  Yesterday she picked up Joseph for a few hours and took him to see The Lion King.  He had a blast!  I guess at some point during their outing she asked him what type of food, cake, and party he wanted.  To which he responded macaroni and chesse, chocolate with chocolate frosting, and Star Wars!  I was quite surprised to hear that because he’s never seen or heard anything about Star Wars.  I have no idea where that came from but she took it an ran.


She decked the place out with a Star Wars table cloth (which is big for her), Star Wars plates and cups, and the cutes Star Wars cake.  It was chocolate, or course, but Joseph was more concerned with the amazing Han Solo and jet fighter atop the cake!  The candles were hardly blown out before he was grabbing the action figures off the cake 🙂 .


It didn’t stop there!  Grandma and Grandpa got him the original Star Wars movies (which we’re going to have to go home and watch to make sure they’re appropriate), some more Star Wars action figures, and a Y-flyer!  Jared got a bit envious when Joseph unwrapped the Y-flyer!  I guess it was something he always wanted as a kid 🙂 .  So funny!

Thanks, Grandma, for a wonderful party!  Joseph is sure to remember it for a long time!


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